Classism and Democracy

The powers-that-be and their groupies are once again engaged in their election year melodrama as to whether Beavis or Butthead will be their figurehead leader this year while the majority of Americans try to ignore this additional disruption of their daily battle to survive in life hoping that the melodrama ends quickly. As always, after the election it will be “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” The only unusual aspect of the theatrics and melodrama this year is that one of the potential figureheads is a Ms. Beavis, or is it Ms. Butthead? Whatever. Supposedly, this is a great victory for women in their battle against sexism. I suspect however that any such affirmative value of this election for women in regard to sexism will be negated and perhaps sexism worsens by the negative effect of maintaining that Hillary Clinton is a worthy, positive role model, and fine example of American womanhood — not that Trump gives men any bragging rights. From the working class perspective, the important aspect of this or any election is that the change of figurehead occurs peacefully without bloodshed and military violence. Democracy, especially democracy lacking any religious tradition of self-discipline and homogeneity as ours now lacks, is doomed to eventual disorder, chaos, and collapse; but we must not allow this collapse to re-ignite social and cultural tyranny dependent on military violence as the only option for government. As a result of modern technology, there are plenty of viable alternatives to democracy that we must consider and evolve into in order to avoid Orwellian 1984 style tyranny also made possible by technology.

America can now claim to be the oldest continuing modern democracy or republic — depending on how you define those terms. However, it is not the first of either; democracies and republics have come and gone before and were a well-known form of governance even in the ancient world among tribes and then on to city states. So much so that the philosopher Plato became history’s first known sociologist by studying their rise and fall then developing descriptions allowing for predictions that can be tested by time. In parts of his famous Socratic dialogues, he develops an explanation or theory as to why governments, including democracy, always fail and eventually become tyranny. Surprisedly to many modern readers, the theory is based on economic class conflict (for this reason, in his ideal “Republic”, the so-called guardians of the peace are to be communists having no private property only communal ownership of it). According to Plato, the ideal state is a kingship by the wisest. This degenerates into a timocracy or plutocracy in which jealous noblemen struggle for the King’s wealth and power. This degenerates into an oligarchy that in turn degenerates into democracy because the oligarches not only become too busy fighting among themselves for wealth and power to govern but hire the working class to fight their battles for them thus educating and empowering them. The class struggle continues and is exasperated in democracy as the workers now also battle for power eventually leading to anarchy. Unlike Karl Marx, an optimist for the working class, who saw a dictatorship of the proletariat developing from this anarchy, the upper class patrician Plato saw the next step as simply a military dictatorship — a tyrant.

We now know from history that regardless of whether it is a dictatorship of the proletariat or of an admitted military tyrant, the end result is the same. A military tyranny governing solely by bloodshed and pure power is an evil to be avoided regardless of class, sex, religion, or whatever. However, given the consequences for failing to avoid it, actually avoiding such a government is not as easy as it should be. One way of failing to avoid it is by blind allegiance to one’s present form of governance regardless of its corruption instead of preparing for the worse by opening up one’s mind to new ideas of social governance.

Neither democracy nor a republic form of governance is the holy grail of social governance. This is especially true for the working class. In the ancient world, it was not the Athenian democracy but the oligarchy of Sparta (and then the Roman Empire) that came the closest to making men and women equal under the law, in education, and in economic rights because they needed to do so: the Spartan men were too busy complying with their 40 years of required military service. Christianity and its “slave morality” were born and prospered not under the Roman Republic but in and through the Roman Empire eventually giving birth to the Holy Roman Empire. The Renaissance and Enlightenment were born in limited monarchies and city state oligarchies and plutocracies. While the British limited monarchy of the 19th Century outlawed slavery and was creating and maintaining its West Africa Naval Fleet to eliminate the slave trade, the democracy/republic of the United States continued with chattel slavery to the point of civil war and the post-French Revolution French Republic, Consulship, or whatever you want to call that mess lost many of its initial and most loyal patriots for freedom in a fight to maintain slavery in Haiti. On the other hand, Adolf Hitler was legally elected into office as a socialist opponent of the evils of capitalism. The working class should be loyal and be willing to defend democratic and republic forms of government when the government works successfully to give the working class the material needs and social order necessary for materially better lives; when it fails to do so, it is time for the working class to look for alternatives — even if they are not democratic or republican.

We are quickly reaching that point. The United States is a republic or democracy in name only. Regardless of liberal or conservative president, the rich are getting rich, the working class is working more for less money, billions are spent on wasted wars and debt payments to help tyrannies such as Islam and China become new empires in the world. Meanwhile, a handful of despots and demigods called judges with guaranteed taxpayer jobs are re-creating Western Civilization in their image ignorant of the substance and history of that civilization. Unless you are aware of the problem and mentally prepare for it, tyranny will be the next step and the working class, as always, will suffer the worse for it.

I suggest the following. Vote but do not vote for any mainstream candidate; write in anyone but them. If this occurs in large enough numbers, the powers will realize that we see through their game and they will have to allow substantive change or risk revolution — remember, the last thing the powers want is chaos or disorder and the threat of such is the working class’ only power over them short of actual revolution. Do not join the military or the police. Do not make any loyalty oaths to the government; if you must, protest by some act of civil disobedience. As the powers become more isolated from everyday life, they need technology and workers to deal with and maintain their power in everyday life, this is developing as an additional weakness for them. Therefore, invest in and understand technology as much as possible, and invest in and understand history and other forms of government so that you can imagine and accept new potential forms of government made possible by modern technology (such as polystate, futarchy, delegative or liquid democracy, demarchy, or by duplicating corporate governance by shareholders and boards of directors into actual civil governance since they are running things anyway so might as well be honest about it). By accepting and preparing for our democracy/republic reaching its inevitable decay into chaos and disorder, hopefully, when the transition into whatever the next government type will be occurs, the working class will have some say in it and some control over it. Otherwise, the new form of government will be a military tyranny because history has proven that only a military tyranny can create order from total chaos. As our present military culture transitions into becoming a professional military instead of one made up of citizen soldiers, it will gladly take up the opportunity provided by chaos to become the new powers.

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