Diversity Past and Future / Part I

The recent maiden speech by Australian Member of Parliament Linda Burney highlights the many inconsistencies and hypocrisies associated with the politically correct “diversity” movement omnipresent throughout Western Civilization at present. “Diversity” is marketed by the powers as meaning diversity of thought and ideas. In practice, “diversity” means the powers will accept you regardless of ethnicity, race, skin-color, sexual orientation, or whatever as long as you think and act like the rich and powerful people act or expect you to act. As discussed earlier, one reason we will always have classism is because once one makes it into a position of power, you think and act like the powers not like the powerless you left behind. The only real value of politically correct diversity is that it proves equality across all kinds of people by showing that people of any ethnicity, race, skin-color, sexual orientation, or whatever can all be equally lacking in creative and original substantive thought, equally lacking in historical knowledge and empathy, and equally motivated by a will for power as any other. How about real diversity of ideas and thought among the powers or even among working people living as one community, is that even possible?

MP Burney is lauded by the powers in the media and the internet as the first Australian indigenous or Aboriginal female to be elected to the Australian House of Representatives. So, in a world full of threats to whatever personal freedom there is, does she stand up in her maiden speech with words of gratitude to the long miserable history that got Western Civilization to a point in which there is at least some form of “houses of representatives” in all its nations; where small pox and other major killers of the past have been eliminated; where 80% of its people are literate and rising (instead of 80% illiterate as they were just a century ago); that has brought the world the scientific era; that is trying at least, perhaps unsuccessfully, but trying at least, to adopt the Christian Beatitudes into secular forms of government; and all sorts of other quantifiable improvements in life? No, she walks into Parliament with some other Aboriginals wearing kangaroo skin cloaks (where is PETA in these situations?) featuring their clan totems and personal totems stating “these lands are, always were, and always will be Aboriginal land” singing in their native language passed down through oral tradition — because Australian Aborigines never created a written language despite having 10,000 years to come up with one. This is the usual propaganda that duplicates the propaganda spit out by some present Americans who call themselves “Native American” though to a refugee emigrant such as myself they are no different from any other American born in the United States I have met.

According to all up-to-date historians and anthropologists that have studied Aboriginal way of life including eyewitness accounts from the 1830’s of orphan children and escaped convicts living for 20-30 years with the Aboriginals, they were a hunter-gather culture that had all of the mayhem, violence, and war of modern culture without any of the amenities or virtues of modern culture. Prior to Westerners arriving, Australia had about 300,000 hunter-gatherer Aboriginals living there separated into approximately 400-700 regional groups averaging about 500-600 in each group. There is no way to tell which of these groups were the “original” inhabitants of Australia, if any were, because there were multiple waves of immigration with each wave conquering or assimilating with whatever people were there before them. All of this is substantively and essentially true of so-called Native Americans.

As with Native Americans, there were constant cycles of plenty and famine. There was constant warfare among the groups for food, land, power, and for women. They had chattel slavery. In “Aboriginal land”, at puberty women became property, valuable property, but still property. They practiced infanticide especially of female babies in an attempt to control the cycles of feast and famine (The Aztecs in the Americas did not stop at infanticide, human sacrifice of all ages was their contribution to Native American culture.) Despite this, by the male age of maturity of 18 – 21 years, as was true of all societies until very recently and still true in most by age 25, the percentage of women in the groups outnumbered the men because so many men died hunting, working, in war, in accidents, and by homicides. Despite this slight surplus of women at maturity, there was still a shortage of wives because the more powerful males practiced polygamy with as many as ten wives. So, there were still raids by men on other groups to get wives that of course created a shortage there thereby resulting in other raids on other tribes. In some family groups, the homicide death rates including war casualties for mature Aboriginal (and also Native American) males, though small in number because the groups were small, was 20% of their population. This percentage of homicide/war deaths was the total for internal wars within family groups and external wars with other family groups before Westerners arrived. Even in our bloodiest war, the Civil War, we only hit 2% of the male population. In World War II, the only nation to come close to a 20% casualty rate was Poland, even Germany and Russia hovered around 10%. In World War I, the only nation to go above 10% was Serbia which hit the jackpot at 27%.

Is this the “Aboriginal land” that is the basis of MP Burney’s cultural pride? These are the people she wants now to own the land so she can go back to being valuable property over which men kill and start wars? These good-ole-days of Aboriginal culture were forcibly stopped by British and Australian imperialism. Is she talking about the world of this enforced peace between the family groups so they could all unite as “Aboriginals” and start complaining? Was this really a bad thing? Sure, it could have been handled better and more humanely than it was, but in order to have a humane assimilation between cultures, both sides must admit the need for assimilation. This hardly ever occurs in history. The powers-that-be of the Aboriginals with their ten wives saw no need to assimilate and did not care whom they sacrificed to maintain their power just as the Australian powers-that-be as always did not care about hoi polloi fighting among themselves despite pretending otherwise, and thus we have the misery that is history.

There was no genocide of Aboriginals just as there was no planned genocide of any Indians in the United States nor of any New World natives. Diseases such as small pox, measles, and flu brought by Westerners killed 90-95% of those dying when the cultures collided just as these diseases killed hundreds of millions more Westerners but disease was not intentionally brought to the New World — Mother Nature killed them not Westerners nor Western Culture. Since there was no agreed upon method of assimilation, it occurred the miserable old school way according to the demigod of evolution: those who could adapt did, those who could not adapt lived their lives and died out.

The point is to respect the dead by learning from their misery in order to build a better future, not by building false pride upon a miserable past. A delusional view of history does not respect the dead’s sacrifice. It is mocking it.

My Slavic ancestors are the reason we have the word “slave”. They suffered a millennium of slavery, first by the Western and Eastern Roman Empires and all the tribal migrations within them and then by the Islamic Empires. The World Wars and their aftermath did not improve their lives much until very recently and the Balkanization of Slavic culture by centuries old grudges is why we have the word “Balkanize” and the present mess in the Balkans. This is one reason why I object so strongly to Coates’ desires and plans to Balkanize racism in this country by using it as a means to create an original sin of white guilt and an excuse for failure in Black-American culture allowing both to be handed down through generations so as to “Balkanize” Americans for generations to come if it is not stopped now before it gets entrenched.

It would be as silly for me to talk about my part Slavic past with pride and as a basis to claim land (as some fools do) as it is for MP Burney to talk about her Aboriginal past with pride and to make a claim to still own the land for “Aboriginals” — a word created by Westerners in the same way that words such as Slavic and Asian are really just Western generalizations of a more convoluted cultural and social identity. The actual “Aboriginals” identified themselves by their family group or tribe in the same way that Slavic people actually see themselves as Croats, Slovens, Serbs, Slovaks, and many more, and “Asian” is a set made up of thousands of different cultural and social identities. We should look to the past with empathy, pity, and as a source of knowledge and lessons for the future. From the government perspective, the perspective a PM and anyone in our United States government should use, land should belong to the future not to any past.

Is diversity of thought and ideas really possible? We are quantitatively better, but is humanity qualitatively any better in the modern world? We do not have infanticide but do have abortion to the tune of a million a year just in the United States with the vast majority of those being abortions of poor unmarried women’s babies — is the latter in essence any better if not real genocide? At least the Aboriginals did their own killing of their own babies within their own family. We do not start wars over women but do so over pretty much everything else, and now we have machines do our killing for us. Is that in essence any better? It is important to decide if the emphasis on diversity is really just another struggle started by the powers so that they can watch from on-high hoi polloi waste energy fighting among themselves. For the first time in history, we have the science and technology to create separate-but-equal subcultures within our larger American culture. If it is the essence of humanity for individuals not to get along with individuals different from themselves, it is time to admit it and create a better future using this truth instead of continuing the misery of the past onto posterity by ignoring such truth for a nonsense dream of “diversity” achieving nothing but separation and fighting.

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