Diversity Past and Future / Part III

Without doubt, the power of social and cultural diversity in which truly diverse people and ideas unite or work together for one goal when done correctly is the strongest cohesive factor of a culture and society and the strongest impetus for its social, economic, and cultural progress. During the first three years of the Second Punic War when the Roman Republic was primarily a power only of the Italian Peninsula and the Balkans, it was made up of hundreds of separate tribes, cultures, societies, languages, religions, and federates. In the first three major battles of that War (Trebia, Trasimene, and Cannae), the Roman Republic lost 20% of its adult males. At present, that would be the equivalent of losing 20,000,000 males in war on the continental United States — not on foreign shores. These types of losses destroyed cultures in antiquity and in modern times (Western or Eastern) and it most certainly would destroy us. Not only did Rome continue to fight that War for another ten years, it eventually won, went on to create the Pax Romana that led to modern Western Civilization, and went on to become the dominant power in the West for the next fifteen hundred years.

My last essay ended with the conclusion that what the powers really mean by “diversity” is the biblical/Christian version but they want to achieve it by skipping the Christian Divine Law and Natural Law love and mercy basis for it instead going straight to the majesty of Positive and Human Law to achieve the wolf dwelling with the lamb, leopard lying beside the kid, and so forth. Is this even possible? How? What powers will decide what “dwelling with” et al means?

As the T-shirts say, “apartheid was legal, the holocaust was legal, slavery was legal, colonialism was legal.” The same is true of Jim Crow laws, enforced segregation in schools, enforced segregation in neighborhoods, and enforced segregation in employment. Now that legally enforced segregation based on ethnicity, race, and sex is gone, the powers want legally enforced integration, but only enforced integration for views with which they agree. The powers — and everyone else — are still free to terminate and discriminate based on incomprehensibly more common reasons for unfair discrimination: 1) did not wear the right clothes to your job interview; 2) did not like your tone of voice at the job interview; 3) being discourteous however random or arbitrary such may be defined; 4) not smiling enough at work; 5) riding motorcycles; 6) or any of the other almost infinite quantity of reasons for which one can lose their employment, housing, or meaning in life. “At-will” jobs are still “at-will” in which workers can lose their employment, housing, and anything they have for any reason or for no reason at all. As the workforce of modern technological society becomes 90% non-union and essentially temporary contract “at-will” laborers or workers, the powers show no intend to force any change or even to do anything about this future of wage slavery for all. As contemplated in my prior essays, they have no incentive to do anything about it because such wage slavery keeps the hoi polloi fighting between themselves and thus the powers in power.

Positive and Human law in the past has always acted as a monopoly of violence for the powers causing the problems of forced segregation in the first place. Some would argue it was not much better when associated with Divine and Natural Law, but it most certainly was better to the extent it gave humanity the idea of the wolf dwelling with the lamb, the leopard lying beside kid, and thus the idea of getting rid of legally enforced segregation. So, why should I now expect the majesty of the law to be any fairer in using power to integrate than it was using power to segregate? All judicial systems in the past thought they were different, just, and fair but were not. So, if we are to be scientific about this issue and use the past to predict the future, giving law the power to enforce “diversity” and integration after centuries of fighting to take away its power of segregation will not turn out well. What “diversity” has meant so far and will continue to mean in the future is diversity in sex, race, ethnicity, or whatever as long as we all think and act the same, follow orders, and work as ordered by the powers. We will have diversity of everything except ideas and thought such as is the status of our present political system.

What if I do not want to live and work with people different from myself? I only have one life, why cannot I live it solely with people I like just as the powers deal only with people they like: rich, powerful people or those who act and think like rich powerful people such as the rich white person Mr. Coates who also happens to be black telling rich white people what they want to hear about poor blacks. In any 15 minute political speech by the powers these days on diversity, the words “leadership” and “leader”are mentioned more times than I heard in six years in the military. The real leaders in the military never used the word even once to my memory, they were too busy being leaders. What if I do not want leaders, do not want to be led, or do not want to be a follower in diversity or in anything else? Am I not even allowed this simple request in the one life I have simply because I  am not in the right social or economic class?

Moreover, who are the Orwellian 1984 Outer Party bureaucrats and glorified bureaucrats called judges who will enforce integration and acceptance of diversity upon us? Will they be any different that those who enforced the unjust and unfair segregation of the past or who are enforcing the unjust and unfair legal systems of the present in such countries as North Korea, China, and the Philippines? According to the biography of Supreme Court Judge Sonia Maria Sotomayor, she started “dreaming” of being a judge when she was 10 years old. At 10, she started dreaming of sitting in judgment upon fellow humans, sending them to jail, ruining their lives mentally and financially and thus usually physically, and arbitrarily enforcing her personal ethics and morality upon humanity? What a sicko. No honest empathic person ever wants nor dreams of becoming a judge. They may do it out of a sense of duty but not as a dream job — unless you want power but are too cowardly to run for political office or want others to carry out your executions and do your killing for you. Our judges and government bureaucrats as individuals are no better — and no worse — than those of all past unjust legal cultures or of a North Korea or China. The only difference is they lack the power — at least for now — they would have in North Korea or China to enforce their personal ethics and morality upon others.

This is an unpopular idea but the separate but equal “diversity” concept of the early Roman Republic had it correct: let each tribe, culture, group, community, or whatever live separately and avoid each other if they want as long as they pay taxes, do not fight each other, and respond to the common needs that at that time were primarily defense but could be economic or infrastructure needs now. I would add the individual’s right to be left along to live and deal with whomever they want to this old school diversity concept. All, except the government, should be free to discriminate or integrate as they want. Separate but equal did not work in our history because the will, resources, and technology did not exist for such, it now does. This is not the Christian diversity that politically correct powers want without being Christians, but it is the best one should expect to achieve if one wants to skip the love and mercy required by Christian Divine Law and Natural Law to base diversity only on the monopoly of violence that is Positive and Human Law.

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