“White No More” / Part VI

In using my hypothetical technological scenario to get a better understanding of human nature in general and in particular its racism, for this to be honest contemplation, one must be clear and honest as to the pragmatic nature of technology, of the factual reality of the Dolezal events, and of what is at stake.

Technology has been a good for humanity in almost any way that can be quantitatively measured. As described in Azar Gat’s book, War in Human Civilization, as a result of the industrial and technological eras, material prosperity and progress in human civilization are no longer zero sum games requiring one’s tribe, city, nation, or whatever may be our social group to take forcibly wealth from another’s tribe, city, nation, or whatever in order to progress materially. For the major social players in life now consisting of nation states, there is a power surplus making war unnecessary among them. In fact, war is no longer the best means for achieving power; peace with its sophisticated propaganda techniques and the law as a secular religious monopoly on violence provides the simplest and easiest techniques for the few to achieve power over the many. For the present, war is an option for relations between nation states and failed nation states but not between successful nation states. Eventually war will exist solely between a world-nation and “super-empowered angry men” — and women if sexes continue in the future — known as terrorists, fanatics, zealots, just plain crazy, and the like.

This material progress results from humanity’s struggles to fight and to end the wars of the past and from humanity’s struggles and war with nature to survive it and to conquer it. There is still much of nature out there to be conquered. There is a whole universe waiting to be discovered, explored, and conquered. It is not clear that the new school nature of war as a struggle between a world-nation and the individual will provide the same necessary mentality, skills, and desire to conquer nature as the old school wars have done. No matter how glorified the state of war may have been in the past, workers were always able and willing to change loyalties to whatever 1% won or loss the war as necessary to survive onto the next war; in order to survive there was no getting stuck in the past for workers. Offense was always the best defense for workers. In our future new school war between the state and terrorists, fanatics, zealots, “super-empowered angry men”, or whatever those that want to cause the apocalypse to come early may be called, the state of war will be omnipresence and unavoidable. There will be no possibility for workers to change loyalties from the losing to the winning powers; no past or future states of war requiring an offense to survive but only an Orwellian 1984 omnipresent permanent state of war. There will be no winners or losers, only survivors with no desire to explore, discover, and conquer for fear of defying the powers-that-be that will make up one global 1% with no competition. For workers, the wars of the future will not directly involve material and physical suffering but spiritual, economic, and mental health suffering indirectly threatening their physical survival as the spiritual, economic, and mental health suffering works its way through workers’ communities and lives.

The Boston Marathon bombings are a good example of this future state of war. Two nuts blow up the Boston Marathon eventually causing 5 – 6 deaths and approximately 265 injuries. In the aftermath, thousands of police officers using millions of dollars of equipment and earning millions of dollars of overtime pay shutdown Boston and the surrounding communities and are allowed freedom to search whoever, wherever, and whenever they want. No one complained then or since about that temporary police state — seen both then and now as benevolent and as a pragmatical good necessity. In an average year, Boston has about 40 – 60 murders and about 5000 violent crimes. Usually only about 40 – 50% of the murders are solved, even less of the violent crime. It is only a matter of time before the temporary benevolent police state of the Boston Marathon bombings becomes the norm in order to control the nuts and to eliminate the remainder of the chaos and disorder caused by individual freedom. I am not saying this is good or bad; it is the future and for purposes of this contemplation must be accepted as so for now and as the necessary outcome of technological and thus material progress.

Qualitatively however, technology has not changed human nature. Its true nature comes up in the quiet moments when there is no work nor any other force or need requiring that people cooperate and socialize and get along with each other. It is revealed in the personal moments in which individuals are left only with the “I am therefore I think” of existentialism; their will to power or to hopelessness; and their choice or destined acts on either will. It is this qualitative nature that is brought out by the Dolezal events. Dolezal is a single mother (divorced from a black man she met at Howard University) with two children. One of the children is the son of her ex-husband and the other is an adopted son consisting of one of her brothers. There were no accusations that she was not qualified technically or educationally for her job as head of the NAACP office in Spokane nor that she was incompetent at it. In fact, all indications were that she was good at her job. She lost her livelihood and the ability to support her family simply because — according to the powers-that-be and their white and black friends such as Coates’ black people, tribes, or black bodies or whatever they call themselves to avoid using the word ‘race’ — she was not of the correct skin color. How is this different from racism? It is not. It is politically correct new school racism. If she was hired for the job based on her skills, competence, and qualifications, she should have kept her job regardless of her skin color and cultural, people, tribal, or whatever ‘race’ substitute are used to classify her. If calling herself “black” was a sign of mental illness as some of the politically correct argue, based on human empathy for the misfortunes of others, this should have been just another reason to let her keep her job. The human mentality that was willing to throw her and her family into the street for having the wrong skin color is the same mentality that in the past would have enslaved her or worse for having the wrong skin color.

As contemplated in this series of blogs, technology through a “White No More” or “Black No More” will eliminate old school racism and the wasted physical struggles and wars it caused. It will not eliminate politically correct new school racism and its wasted spiritual, economic, and mental health struggles. As seen with Dolezal, new school racism does not care about creating a pragmatic work culture for future discovering, exploring, and conquering the universe, it wants a hereditary passing of power for being black. Eventually it will cause a substantial portion of society consisting of Coates’ black race, tribe, or whatever to operate in the same way that American Indian Reservations continue to exist and operate: individuals pretending to be Sioux, Navajo, or whatever dead culture and language they want to pretend they are so that a few self-centered leaders have power over a small fiefdom of delusional lives that add nothing to humanity’s destiny and need to discover, explore, and conquer the universe. This will be a waste of lives and resources. If one sees a future benevolent police state as a necessary good, such waste of lives and resources on new school racism is probably harmless in the end just as the lives and resources wasted on maintaining American Indian Reservations are fairly harmless for now. However, if one wants to minimize (I do not believe it is possible to avoid it entirely) as much as possible the adverse effects and power of a benevolent police state so that it does not become the dystopian 1984 of George Orwell, this new school racism and its destruction of the human spirit and the wasted spiritual, mental, and economic struggles it causes are just as much a physical threat to humanity’s survival in its struggle with nature as was old school racism.

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