What’s My Class? Part II

The previous contemplated attributes of class and of working class posers are relatively minor, the big one is Doublethink ethics. Orwell’s Doublethink “means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them” as true. As contemplated previously, the ruling class in any social construct consists of those that can define what ought to be and force their normative reality on the remainder. However, they are not obvious in this use of force, it is hidden behind what they call ethics and its own Doublethink by which they hold two contradictory moral beliefs simultaneously, accept both of them as true, and force both normative realities upon others by violence if need be as true and moral. By belief here I am using Pragmatism’s definition of belief: beliefs are rules of action. The ruling classes in any given social construct come by Doublethink naturally and hide it naturally, so much so that usually they do not even know they are speaking Doublethink and would view anyone accusing them of speaking it as either insane or as immoral and unethical. The ruling class and posers pretending not to be in the ruling class of any given social construct use Doublethink ethics that can best be described by example.

I recently had the misfortune of being in a class at NYU in which Visiting Scholar Dawn Chan had the class read Dennis Cooper’s book review in Bookforum of Larry Clark’s book The Perfect Childhood as an example of good, ethical, aesthetically pleasing humanist writing. In this review, Mr. Cooper tells how this book reminded him of a young, “white-trash street-hustler”, homeless, derelict, young drug addict he used to pay for homosexual sex and how he can still taste him now in more recent casual sex he has. According to the book review, the white trash hustler died of an overdose at age 24. Not only did the class not see a problem with any of this, but they went on to examine how this “relationship” between the older Cooper and the young drug addict was probably important to both their lives and that it is more important to “have loved and lost” than never to have loved at all.

Now, imagine what would have happened if I had some old-school Asiatic fleet sailor write and read to the class a book review gloating about a young, Filipino, derelict, drug addicted, female, street hooker he used for sex who died of an overdose and how a book reminds him and gives him the taste of that sex? Would this be accepted as a relationship involving “better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” or simply for what it was: an act of oppression and power but at least it was one occurring between two social equals in the misery of life. In Mr. Clark’s case it was an upper class older patrician using a young man he considered “white trash” purely for sexual purposes. Why is the former immoral and unethical oppression but the latter not? Not only was the latter acceptable, it was treated as a moral and ethical good.

Do not waste time trying to understand it; it cannot be understood. Contradictions held simultaneously allow for everything to be true and false simultaneously. There are an uncountable number of contradictions in this example and in ruling class morality and ethics that ultimately are simply ruling class ideology enforced by violence but that are all accepted and held as true. This Doublethink in ethics is not a sign of being insane but of being ruling class. One of the omnipresent contradictions in present ruling class ideology and ethics that they will enforce by violence whenever they can is that white males are by definition oppressors in all possible worlds unless they are gay in which case they are beautiful oppressed persons regardless of their acts and regardless of either the individual or social consequences of those acts.

Unfortunately, for the working class, most of our morals and ethics are inherited. It has to be. We are too busy trying to survive when we are young to start questioning the morality and ethics of the only persons who are trying to help us survive in life consisting of the small social group around us. As contemplated before, we cannot survive and battle the universe alone. Furthermore, we need to think rationally in order to survive; holding contradictions to be true so as to make everything true or false is great for aesthetic truth and its power but is worthless if you actually have work and a job to do that needs to solve problems and be done and accomplished at some point so that one can get paid. As the lyrics to the song “Working Class Hero” state, by the time you are old enough to do anything about your ethical inheritance, it is too late:

As soon as you’re born they make you feel small
By giving you no time instead of it all
Till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all

They hurt you at home and they hit you at school
They hate you if you’re clever and they despise a fool
Till you’re so fucking crazy you can’t follow their rules

When they’ve tortured and scared you for twenty-odd years
Then they expect you to pick a career
When you can’t really function you’re so full of fear


The ruling class and its posers do not have this problem. For them, almost from their first acts of reason and language, they understand the world ought to be what they want it to be, and can have this understanding without it in anyway risking their chances of survival. So, for example, to our present ruling class the couple Barack and Michelle Obama represent an oppressed minority even though for eight years they were the most powerful couple in the world. Anyone that can Doublethink in this way and do it so naturally that they do not hesitate nor give any indication of doubt are truly either upper class posing as oppressed, completely class clueless, or one of their house servants kissing up to the Powers.

“White No More” / Part IV

According to the supposed non-racists Ta-Nehisi Coates and his many worshipers who wanted Dolezal unemployed, racism and whatever language it creates are creations by racist ‘white’ people through their white supremacy view of the world. The two-way street of racist language is not true of their supposedly non-racist language; they claim to see reality as it really is not as their words make it out to be as racists do. Coates is considered a genius for describing the situation as follows: “race is the child of racism, not the father.” By “race” and “racism”, he is not referring to the use of those words in several millennia of different applications that include tribal, religious, ethnic, national, and many other differences but only as used in his self-centered narrow view of the world consisting of “race” and “racism” based on skin color. According to this line of thought, we will never be able to eliminate the discrimination and oppression of physically perceived black bodies by physically perceived white bodies because of the ongoing legacy of slavery and of a white supremacy view of history, the present, and the future. Thus, their argument is that being ‘black’ is by definition a skin color but also an oppressed ‘race’ forced to accept racism and race as a fact of life. If “race” truly “is the child of racism, not the father”, cannot the father die and we would still have the son that is “race”? This seems to be the implication and is how his thought plays out in practice to create new school racism.

So, for supposed non-racists such as Coates just as for Dolezal and racists alike, being black connotes both a sense experience skin color and also a cultural and social identity that is called being ‘black’. Coates further complains that the “black bodies” created by racism are in need of protection from those who call themselves “white”; of whites casting of him and his “people” into a black “race” that knowingly glance at each other at airports and know they share a special bond; and of the reality, unity, and language of his black “people” and “tribe”. Unlike racists though, for supposed non-racist Coates and his worshipers this ‘race’ identity is defined not solely by skin color but by skin color combined with oppression, slavery, and discrimination by whites based on black skin color. This is why he need not get into issues of mixed heritage; his focus is completely self-centered into a simple white and black distinction: white is bad; black is good.

The logic is as follows: white people by their white supremacy oppression and discrimination of black bodies, especially through slavery, created and create anew every day “black bodies”, and a black “people”, “tribe”, or “race” that are now in need of protection from this oppression and discrimination by white people, therefore white people such as Dolezal should not be allowed to pretend they are ‘black’. If they do, the only proper connotation for them is a derogatory ‘wigger’ or ‘putting on black face’ because such pretension is just more oppression — taking the good created by the struggle of being ‘black’ and making it ‘white’.

Actually, this logic makes sense from a defeatist perspective. Since their premise is that omnipresent white supremacy physically, socially, and culturally makes “black” inferior and thus American culture and society will treat ‘black bodies’ unjustly as an inferior ‘race’ of black bodies, Coates and his worshipers conclude they must accept they are “black bodies” of a black “people”, “tribe”, or “race” and as a defense mechanism exclude anyone from being one of them who are not “black bodies” in a black “people”, “tribe”, or “race”. If they do not watch out for each other, no one will is a valid defense used by religions, ethnicities, tribes, nations, and so forth throughout history and often is the mechanism used to create or empower the identity of the ethnicity, society, culture, and so forth. Does it work the other way with their version of ‘race’? Since according to Coates and his worshipers we live in a world of white supremacy in which white people are by definition the oppressors of blacks, are black bodies unable to call themselves white?

For example, President Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice has led a life of prestige, privilege, and power among the powers-that-be. She was born in Washington, D.C., of two black parents consisting of a Cornell University economics professor who was also the second black governor of the Federal Reserve System and an education policy scholar. She is a three-sport athlete, student council president, and valedictorian from National Cathedral School in Washington, D.C., an upper class private girls’ day school, and is a graduate of Stanford University and New College, Oxford. She served on the staff of the National Security Council and served as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs during President Bill Clinton’s second term and as UN ambassador. She is married to a white guy ABC television producer. She has two kids. Based on culture and social relations, to any working class kid such as myself she appears to be modern upper class and a very powerful member of our modern ruling class intelligentsia who would screw me and give the orders to kill me and my entire family (doubt if she would do the killing herself since new school powers need not bloody their hands with the actual killing) if need be to keep her family, friends, and other members of her 1984 Orwellian Inner and Outer Party in power.

Since by definition she is one of white society’s oppressors of black people, can I call Susan Rice a white woman? Can I call her a white woman who happens to be black (as I usually do)? No, this would be racist because she is physically black and calling her white implies that being a ruling class oppressor is acting white which is racist though true according to Coates. What if she went to “Black No More” and changed to a white skin color? Is she still black? According to Coates and his worshipers’ logic, the answer is yes because she was born black and thus shares in the legacy of oppression, slavery, and discrimination that is being born ‘black’.

Thus, the logic of Coates and his worshipers works both ways: under no circumstances can a white be black nor a black be white. Our technology of “White No More” and “Black No More” thus would do nothing to solve this problem. Even if skin color stopped being a genetic marker fixed at birth and became just a fashion choice and thus we could eliminate the concept of skin color ‘race’ and associated racism entirely to replace it with an -ism against persons who choose black as the fashion choice of skin color, all of this would still be racist. Being ‘black’ is a race, people, or tribe created not by skin color but by racism; it is a legacy of racism and slavery that is a birthright to all who are black. Any attempt by whites to be ‘black’ hijacks that legacy and is an attempt to hide it and its responsibilities (such as reparations) and is racist.

In the fabric of language used by the supposed non-racists who wanted Dolezal to lose her job, by Coates, and by his worshipers, just as with the language fabric of racists, the initial fabric tread or stitching that associated being black with skin color at some point has become disassociated from skin color. For Coates and his worshipers, ‘black’ now means a legacy of oppression, slavery, and discrimination because of black skin color. It is a legacy handed down from black generation to black generation as a genetic birthright regardless of the circumstances of the birth, the actual skin color, or of the life circumstances of the child: thus we have new school racism. This change in language tread and stitching is a substantive and essential change in the use of the words ‘race’ and ‘racism’. If “race” truly “is the child of racism, not the father”, the father can die and we would still have the son — regardless of technology. Having race around allows for it to become a racist father itself of new school racism as contemplated in some of my prior blogs dealing with new school racism.

Why such a defeatist view of life? Racist whites put persons with black skin color into an unjust black race so they must accept and continue being in an unjust black race? Historically, when such a defense mechanism is accepted, it is done either by the powers to keep a group in their place or as a smokescreen for hidden intentions for power by the ambitious. Which is it for Coates and his worshipers? For this contemplation to progress in anyway, we must forget the polemics and deal with a further contemplation of the nature of language and its meaning: its usefulness. Coates is definitely a genius poet as poetry is defined by the philosopher Nietzsche: “the art of creating ripples in shallow water to give the impression they are deep.” Such genius serves only the selfish interests of the poet and to confuse and to obscure the actual meanings or usefulness of words.

New School Racism / Part III

That new school racism is an affirmative, social technique to maintain our present class power structure is exemplified by Colin Powell’s book It Worked for Me: In Life and Leadership and his “13 life rules for any future leader”. As I mentioned earlier and as anyone who actually studies Mr. Powell’s life would conclude, Colin Powell was always a politician who put his personal career first — even while in the military as is true of most modern career military commissioned officers. When this country needed leadership from him the most, he abandoned us to go on to his multimillion dollar salary corporate officer and consulting jobs. Basically, his life’s guiding principles were to follow orders, do not make waves or disrupt the powers, and use the fact that he was black both as a means to succeed and as a defense and accusation against anyone that attacks his life’s guiding principles. Through these simple three rules, he has achieved upper class Outer Party and Inner Party status in life with the right to look down on hoi polloi and enforce his ethics and morality upon society — the power that defines the powers-that-be. Since he is not an honest leader willing to admit to these simple rules, he gives the following fabricated thirteen rules supposedly derived from his military experience and leadership to hide the reality of his forest behind a bunch of trees:
Rule 1: It Ain’t as Bad as You Think! It Will Look Better in the Morning!
Rule 2: Get Mad Then Get Over It!
Rule 3: Avoid Having Your Ego so Close to your Position that When Your Position Falls, Your Ego Goes With It!
Rule 4: It Can be Done!
Rule 5: Be Careful What You Choose! You May Get It!
Rule 6: Don’t Let Adverse Facts Stand in the Way of a Good Decision.
Rule 7: You Can’t Make Someone Else’s Decisions! You Shouldn’t Let Someone Else Make Yours!
Rule 8: Check Small Things!
Rule 9: Share Credit!
Rule 10: Remain calm! Be kind!
Rule 11: Have a Vision! Be Demanding!
Rule 12: Don’t take counsel of your fears or naysayers!
Rule 13: Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier!

Nice platitudes that can be applied to almost anything in life. The fact that he violated Rules 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 when it was most necessary to follow them does not seem to matter.

What anyone with military experience or even anyone who has read military history would immediately notice about these 13 rules is that they have nothing to do with leadership. As every successful military leader from Alexander the Great to George Patton and from the lowest ensign/2nd lieutenant to the highest field commander instinctively knew or learned the hard way is that there are only three rules for leadership: 1) do not ask your followers to risk anything you have not or would not risk; 2) do not respect your life any more than the lives of your followers; 3) competence. With these simple three rules, one from the lowest rank in society will be not only a leader but could become an emperor given the right circumstances and times.

The three historically derived leadership rules of the previous paragraph would negate all corporate management and political “leadership” since the start of the Vietnam War. It is not leadership to run a corporation on the backs of others while you know that win or lose you will walk away with millions. It is not leadership to risk wars so that others can do your killing for you though you would be too much of a coward to do it yourself. It is not leadership to use laws and lawyers to amass an inherited fortune or an “investment” fortune that gives 1% of the population 80% of the wealth generated by that population.

On the other hand, Powell’s thirteen leadership rules enforce all corporate management and political “leadership” since the end of the Vietnam War — even if the rules were followed though violating them when necessary for achieving personal power seems to be implicit in the rules as Powell’s life admits. Powell has given all present corporate and political powers a normative and intellectual foundation to justify the status quo power structure and thus his book is a best seller. By attacking him for this hypocrisy, he would say and his fellow leaders of the black community would say that I am a racist in the same way they claim that any ridicule of Obama is racist.

Such is the substantive difference of the new racism. For further example:

— Susan Rice, despite being the product of Washington DC elite society and private schools, must be a diverse “idea” person added to the national security staff because she is black.

— Oprah Winfrey is not a conn artist but an ethical authority figure and role model because she is black.

— Obama deserves a Nobel Peace Prize and cannot be considered a “meet the new boss same as the old boss” politician because he is black.

— Colin Powell is not just another corporate CEO concerned only with his career because he is black.

— Attorney Generals Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder are not just a bunch of political hack bagmen for the politicians that appointed them but civil rights defenders and leaders because they are black.

This is all bullshit. These new “leaders” who happen to be black want the same as previous “leaders” who were white: power, especially power over others. This new racism is worse than any old school racism because it hides as ethics, morality, and good; it destroys lives physically and unnecessarily but hides behind a necessity of ethics, morality, and good.

Much worse, it destroys the human soul because it makes words such as morality and good meaningless even on the individual level that may be the only place these words have any meaning. At least in old school racism, even the racist knew and admitted to being a racist — in fact, they were explicitly proud of it. With new school racism, no one admits to it; instead, they claim the higher ground of ethics and morality and goodness for hiding what they are, and thus are deluding themselves as to their own nature.

Well, f–ck them. If they are going to use new school racism to succeed, I will become a new school racist in opposition given that this is the only option I have as an outcaste. Just as John F. Kennedy in order to become president had to go around proving to the powers that he was not really a devote Roman Catholic but one of them, from now on I will expect anyone running for political office or corporate “leadership” to prove to me that they are not really black in order to get my support or willingness to follow their “leadership”. Am I a racist for requiring such proof? Yes I am, but at least I have the integrity to be honest about it unlike the creators of this new school racism that delude society and themselves and hide their true nature behind rules of “ethics” that really as with law are just excuses for their achieving power over others.

In light of becoming a new school racist, I am unilaterally declaring September 2016 to be White History Month and hopefully soon will be publishing about great white moments and great white persons in history who have improved life for the world’s poor and working classes — white, black, male, female, or whatever — and did so without hiding behind racist fake rules. “Integrity has no need of rules”, Albert Camus.

New School Racism / Part II

Regardless of the power of developing new school racism and its gaining of strength as social ethics, I do not want to become an old school racist because such would defeat the purpose of my hopeless battle against the necessary, omnipresent power of classicism. As discussed in a previous blog, racism based on skin color is a relatively new phenomenon in human history. Even as late as the 20th Century, racism based on arbitrary culture and social distinctions such as Aryan and Non-Aryan caused manyfold more suffering in the world than arbitrary skin color racism. However, the social creation of skin color racism has the same foundation as all arbitrary racism: it derives from the powers’ need to make sure that the lower classes are too busy struggling among themselves to challenge the powers. The social construct of racism was best described by President Lyndon B. Johnson, the poor sharecropper’s son who worked, conned, and connived his way up through college, a teaching career, politics, and then the presidency to create the Great Society programs of the 60’s for which all poor, white or black, should be grateful — though it is important he not be given credit for his work as he was white Southern trash, rather the credit should go to the upper class elitist Ivy League Kennedys from Massachusetts and their Camelot royalty delusion. President Johnson said as follows:

I’ll tell you what’s at the bottom of it. If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.

Once again, the clear insight of an intelligent poor man exceeds in substance and quality all the scholarship of academics — the little there is on American classism.


So, what about new school racism practiced by our present upper class elites such as Colin Powell, President Obama and his groupies, Susan Rice, Oprah Winfrey, Ta-Nehisi Coates and so forth? Does it have the same foundation and purpose? Sure it does. If you critically or even common sensically based on reality and life experience analyze any example of it, you will see the result is the same:
— Mr. Coates, according to him the product of free private and public education from pre-K to five years of college, receives a genius award for ridiculing education as “only an opportunity to discipline the body”, that involves “writing between the lines”, “copying the directions legibly”, and “memorizing theorems”; he writes “[t]hey were concerned with compliance” and “Algebra, Biology, English” are just excuses for “discipline.” This ridicule he directs to young black men who he must know stand a 60% chance of landing in jail if they drop out of high school. If school is nothing but discipline, Coates should try working for a living for once in his life and then perhaps he would be better prepared to instruct others on their need for the discipline given by education instead of the alternative discipline provided by the prison system.
— “Black Lives Matter” expects, fosters, and incites protests when a police officer accidentally kills a black man, even if the officer was black, the suspect was a criminal, and even if the protests result in the burning and destruction of businesses serving poor neighborhoods. However, this group and the so-called leaders of the black community that support it expect, foster, and incite nothing over the undisputed fact that young black males are engaged in essentially self genocide in this country killing each other by the thousands each year and abandoning their families to be brought up in single parent households. (This contradiction exists even though Black Lives Matter has the time to take a political position against Israel, WTF?).
— The so-called leaders of the black community constantly cry for “civil rights” protection, yet the Obama administration, its attorney generals, and foreign policy advisors such as Susan Rice have done more than even the Cold War did to make meaningless supposed constitutionally protected civil liberties. More than any previous administration, they fought a war on whistle blowers of government dishonesty and outright corruption making it even harder to learn of either — as if it was not hard enough before. Even Obama’s simple pledge to close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, with its claim of right to indefinite detention without trial that he could have accomplished by executive order as commander in chief failed because he is too much of a political coward to do it. At the same time, Obama claims the right as President to kill United States citizens by drones simply by executive order — no prior President not even the Bush administration ever claimed this right. Obama has gone further than Bush with his claim of right to expanding the domestic national security state. The recent case of Petty Officer First Class Kristian Saucier is a personal issue with me. This sailor is looking at possibly four years in jail for being caught with photos of his boat’s engineroom considered by the Obama Justice Department to be “classified” material though all the details in these photos can be found in Jane’s Fighting Ships — the same Justice Department that has declined to prosecute our apparent future president Hillary Clinton for having hundreds if not thousands of “top secret” material in her personal files. The handful of photos that I have of my shipmates from my engineroom and other watchstations are about the only good memories I have of my military service. What a bunch of assholes.


Any poor white trash with even half-a-brain would look at this ridicule of education; simultaneous demand for police protection while also physically bashing police officers and inciting the destruction of poor neighborhoods and families (even white trash respect their own families and neighborhoods); and the hypocritical stance on their “rights” and would then through innocent ignorance conclude that “at the bottom of it, even the lowest white man must be better than the best colored man”, ergo we have a racist.

So this new school racism propagated by the new powers of our Technological Society is based on and serves the same social need of the old school racism, but does it do more? As I will discuss next, yes it does. At least in old school racism, even the racist knew and admitted to being a racist — in fact, they boasted about it. Whereas old school racism only created disunity among the lower classes, new school racism serves to create a normative basis or social construct justifying our present status quo social classes — it affirmatively supports and enforces classism not just maintains it. It does so implicitly through what it calls “ethics”, instead of explicitly through Jim Crow and other laws. In an essential way, this is much more dangerous because it is not as obvious since there is no written or published laws or other explicit enforcement of this new racism out there to attack. Being forced to ride in the back of the bus because of codified law based on your skin color is obvious racism and an obvious fight with obvious opponents. Being forced to live as a wage slave or as an unemployable uneducated social dependent because professional, political, and social “ethics” requires one live as such is not an obvious fight with obvious opponents, moreover it makes anyone who starts such a fight seem unethical, evil, or ugly while the opponents seem and claim to be the “good”.

New School Racism / Part I

Admittedly I grew up in a racist neighborhood. The working class to survive has always relied on love of their own and on hate of all who appear to threaten their own and the little they have. Love gets the good press, but in the real struggle of everyday life on the bottom rung of the economic ladder, hate is a more useful tool for climbing up that ladder. Racism was just one of many hates. Its advantage was that it joined all ethnicities and sexes of one skin color into a battle with those of another skin color so that for a moment they could forget the ethnic and sex battles going on among those of the same skin color. In the end, the winner was always the same and consisted of those watching the battles from on-high on the top rungs of the ladder but never involved in any of the battles — by on-high I mean both socially and spiritually since God never seemed to care either. It was much like the scene in Monty Python’s Life of Brian in which the Roman soldiers stand by watching the various factions of the Judean Liberation Parties or whatever they called themselves fighting among themselves to the point of physical collapse and then the soldiers easily march in and carry everyone away to prison. I avoided becoming a racist because personally and through reading of history I understood that the opponents were as battered and in as bad a shape as I was if not worse.

However, after decades of avoiding racism, honestly I have to admit it is becoming a viable option because its nature has changed, it is no longer a battle between those at the bottom while the powers watch but it is becoming a technique for becoming and staying a power at the top. Rich white folks that happen to be black still think like rich white folks. There is no “diversity” in claiming otherwise but simply a new school of racism.

In addition to Mr. Coates, the archetypal sycophant of rich white people, I am running into more and more complaints by so-called “leaders” of the Black community such as Colin Powell, Oprah Winfrey, and Susan Rice complaining that ridicule and insulting treatment of President Obama are motivated by racism and that more blacks are needed in government for “diversity”. This is equivalent to the Bush family complaining that any ridicule of them results from their ancestor arriving in America as an indentured servant and that more rich and powerful ancestors of indentured servants are needed in government for “diversity” of opinion. This is the new racism. These “leaders” have successfully used whatever abilities they have plus their “African American” status to become among the rich and powerful in the United States. Like Mr. Coates, being a “black body” is the best thing that ever happened to them. Though they may have read about racist acts of injustice, I doubt if any of them have ever personally experienced any truly racist act of injustice.

First, these “leaders” and many more seem to have not read any history and have forgotten the recent history of how President Obama came into the presidency with the largest democratic popular vote since FDR plus a majority in both houses of Congress for the first time since the mid-1990’s. He promised to change the system, get us out of war, and received the Nobel Peace Prize simply for being black. Eight years later his primary accomplishment has been to sell the American health system to insurance companies while: leaving millions still uninsured; expanding government warrantless search and seizure power to levels never thought possible; issuing a record number of prosecutions for whistle-blowing thus further expanding government power; establishing regular Thursday meetings to decide what U.S. Citizen he is going to kill by drones this week; leaving Wall Street and its bankers richer than ever while the rest of America is underemployed with lower real wages equivalent to 1970’s income; letting China, Russia, and Islam become world empires again; and allowing despots in judicial robes redefine Western Civilization. For all this, unlike past presidents from John Adams to Bill Clinton (I would include the second George Bush but he deserved the ridicule he got) who did much better with their terms of office, there have been: no assassination attempts or threats (remember four presidents were assassinated in office plus there were two attempts); no insulting nicknames by the news media for him such as “Useless S. Grant”, “Tricky Dick”, “His Rotundity”, “Martin Van Ruin”, “His Accidency”; and no daily television comedy skits showing him to be a stumbling buffoon or indecisive Southern redneck peanut farmer as done with Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. Further, unlike Andrew Johnson and Lyndon Johnson, President Obama is still able to walk out in public without ridicule in his second term and has the respect of his party — why is beyond me since he broke all the hopes that led to his winning election except for gay marriage that is of dubious value. As far as I can see based on my reading of presidential history, he is getting off easy for his betraying of the promises and voters that got him in office.

I go on to some of the referenced complaining “leaders”.

My book Between the World and Us establishes Mr. Coates as a spoiled, racist white kid who happens to be black who not only never had a “struggle” in life but was too lazy even to graduate from college despite having it handled to him for free. He now gets rich being a black friend to rich white folks while giving advice to poor black kids guaranteed to keep them poor.

Oprah Winfrey is the embodiment of the stereotypical snake oil salesman and the founder of modern day trash television. The idea that she adds “diversity” to her spawn consisting of  the day-time television likes of The Jerry Springer Show, The Jenny Jones Show, The Maury Povich Show, The Montel Williams Show, and Ricki Lake simply because she is black is the new racism. The fact that she gets away with what she does plus gets rich and powerful at it shows the darkest side of human nature and creates nothing but despair that the working class will ever be anything other than pawns in life. No one should care what she says about anything. The fact that she is a regular guest at the White House should be basis enough for justified ridicule of President Obama. Again, being black is the best thing that ever happened to her and by her cries of racism establishes herself as a new school racist.

Susan Rice has the audacity to complain that there are two many “white” people in national security posts thus endangering national security because there is no “diversity of opinion”. Ms. Rice grew up in Washington, D.C. educated in private schools and is the Stanford-educated daughter of a governor of the Federal Reserve System and a Brookings Institute researcher. Adding her or anyone like her to government adds no diversity. To say it does simply because she is black is the new racism and she is a new school racist.

No doubt, given his age, Mr. Powell remembers what real racism is. Whatever he remembers, such does not change the reality of what he is and that he has no basis for pretending that he is anything but a powerful, ambitious, individual whose life goals are power and personal advancement. He was a professional career military officer. If you want real diversity of opinion added to national security policy, add mine based on six years of military experience all across the globe as an enlisted man: as professional career military, Powell was and is willing to sacrifice anyone and anything not for love of country but for the benefit of his career as is true of any professional military officer in any professional military of any country. As an officer in the Korean War he carried out his assigned responsibility to put down black soldiers’ protests and then in Vietnam he was assigned to investigate the My Lai Massacre that he whitewashed as he was expected to do to advance his career. He is not a combat leader of men and never led men in combat, instead he has been a political officer and sycophant his whole life to the powers-that-be — as is true of most career military commissioned officers. When this country in 2001-02 needed his “leadership” the most, Secretary of State Powell and all the joint chiefs of staff instead of standing up to idiot President George Bush and insane Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Vice President Dick Cheney with the ridiculous idea of starting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, not only did Powell do nothing to stop it but instead helped make the case for it. When the war plans failed, Powell simply resigned from government to take up a multimillion dollar paid position in private industry. He is a successful power-that-be. He used all his resources to advance his career and his fortunes and the fortunes of his family members, including the fact that he was “African American”; without that last fact, he would have been just another white officer responsible for whitewashing the My Lai investigation that once discovered would have and should have ended his military career. The fact is that being black or African-American or whatever he wants to call himself is the best thing that ever happened to him. He might have witnessed or read about racism and racist injustice but he has no personal experience of suffering it.

The same is true of now President Obama. Being black is the best thing that ever happened to President Obama. Otherwise, he would be just another burnout from Hawaii working in some government job waiting for his pension to kick in. He has no business claiming to represent the poor and impoverished, white or black. His wife, a classmate of mine, Michelle Obama worked as a corporate attorney for a large Chicago law firm handling discrimination cases; thus, when one of their corporate or rich clients was sued for discrimination by a woman or black person, they could bring her in to defend and establish their political correctness. Ms. Obama’s father and mother probably knew real racist discrimination, but she and her present family have known and will know nothing but benefits from racism.

These “leaders” provide no diversity of opinion because irrespective of color, sex, sexual orientation, or whatever, these individuals all think and act the same because they are the same, they are not “diverse” simply because they are black. Is that not want racism is, claiming that someone thinks differently because of their skin color? The Obamas, Ophray Winfrey, Colin Powell, and most of the “leaders” of the “African American” community that I have heard complaining about mistreatment of Obama or needed diversity in his administration are individuals who have made it to the top of the ladder and are looking down. They are rich white folk that happen to be black. As with Mr. Coates, they are no threat to any racists out there, are no threat to Wall Street, and are no threat to any status quo or power elite. They are the power elite.

Good for them, but using race to stay in power makes them racist and is the new school of racism. For a more detailed analysis of this issue, I suggest the book The Trouble with Diversity by Walter Benn Michaels and White Trash, The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America by Nancy Isenberg.

The personal problem I have with all this is the more these power elite new school racists complain about racism and a need for diversity, the more I am tempted to become an old school racist. The question is, what do I do about it? Become an old school racist after a lifetime of avoiding such?